Chris Dickerson’s body was found in Lenawee County in February 2019, a month after he disappeared. Since then, his mother has been fighting to get justice.

LENAWEE COUNTY, Mich. — For the past four years, Traysena Dickerson has been fighting to keep her son Chris’ name relevant.

She last time she saw her son January 20, 2019 He was found dead about a month later in the wooded area of ​​Medina.

“Anyone who knew Chris knew what a happy soul Chris was. He was a singer. He was a dancer, always joking around,” Trasena said.

Chris was due to testify at the end of January 2019 about Andrew Cecil stabbing him in May 2018, which sent him to hospital.

The day before he disappeared, Chris sent Tracena a picture of his bloodied face.

She said her son was jumped on by a man who ordered him not to testify in court. She believes the man was Cecil’s accomplice, who was out on bond at the time of Dickerson’s disappearance. He is now serving a four-year sentence for the stabbing. He now also faces murder and gang involvement charges in Chris’ death co-defendant Count Teresa Almighty Trevino, formerly known as Terry Trevino.

Chris’s murder trial is set to begin on April 4 after years of delays in the case. Tracena just hopes that the trial will actually happen.

“It was so stressful,” Trotsena said. “I just don’t know how I’m going to hold myself together. I just can’t bear another disappointment.

Two other men charges have been filed in the case. Austin Richardson, who pleaded guilty to lesser charges of second-degree murder, and David Taylor, who was charged with accessory to murder. Detectives believe Richardson shot Dickerson. They also believe that Taylor helped Richardson get rid of the weapon. Both are expected to testify against Cecil and Trevin in court that they are members of the gang that ordered the hit on Chris and are ultimately behind his death.

Trasena believes there are more people involved in her son’s death, but she said if a jury finds Cecil and Trevino guilty, she will be one step closer to closure.

“I don’t know what it feels like yet. I’m hoping it closes the door on where I can move on because I’m just stuck,” Trasena said. “I couldn’t grieve and I want them to know that you didn’t just hurt Chris. You took everything from me.”

WTOL 11 reached out to Cecil and Trevino’s attorneys. Trevino’s attorney, Jim Daly, said his team is ready for trial in April. While Trevino was a former gang member, he was not at the time of Dickerson’s death and had no involvement in his murder, Daley said.

WTOL 11 did not immediately receive a response from Cecil’s defense.

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