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Doctors and staff at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center celebrate with Damar Hamlin on the field at State Farm Stadium before Super Bowl LVII on February 12, 2023.

The Cincinnati Bengals may not have played in this year’s Super Bowl, but the city was still a big part of the celebration.

During the pregame ceremony on the field at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, The NFL has recognized the medical teams that helped save Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s life after he passed out from cardiac arrest during a Jan. 2 game against the Bengals at Paycor Stadium. About 20 members of the medical staff from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, dressed in black and red, stood on the field clapping and applauding as the camera panned down the line on Feb. 12.

“These heroes work every day to keep their communities safe, and they also led the medical team for Damar Hamlin during his recovery,” the announcer said over the stadium’s loudspeaker. “Please give them a warm welcome to Super Bowl LVII.”

That’s when Hamlin, wearing white sunglasses and a letterman-style blue and white jacket, emerged from the crowd with his hands in a heart shape and raised high above his head as medics clapped him on the back. With sincere affection and joy, the athlete laughed, hugging his guardians, surrounded by both hugs and emotions.

It was just over a month after Hamlin collapsed, bringing an eerie silence to Paycor Stadium. Hamlin went into cardiac arrest following a routine play in the first quarter after colliding with Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins. The Bills safety collapsed to the ground and underwent nine minutes of CPR on the field in front of his teammates and tens of thousands of fans. Players from both teams looked on in shock, openly crying and praying as emergency crews worked to restart Hamlin’s heart. He was taken to the Level 1 Trauma Center of the University of California Medical Center, where he was intubated.

Hamlin spent more than a week in critical care in Cincinnati bcelebrated by fans of all stripes before being transferred to a facility in Buffalo.

As he continues to recover, Hamlin is increasingly in the public eye, often with staff at the University of California Medical Center. During the NFL awards ceremony on February 9, Hamlin, the UCLA medical team and other emergency personnel from Jan. 2 were recognized at the scene. Hamlin recalled to the audience a meeting with a doctor who changed his point of view.

“There was so much uncertainty at the time, and for him to come to me and show me that I can live a normal life again, it meant so much to me at the moment,” Hamlin said. “So I want to say a big thank you to him and a special thank you to everyone on this stage for everything they’ve done for me. And thank you to everyone across the country and around the world who prayed for me and hoped for me,” he added. “The journey will continue.”

But the Super Bowl was naturally Hamlin’s biggest performance of all. “Isn’t that a blessing?” Hamlin said in one tweetposting a selfie in front of a full stadium.

Hamlin also posted a photo with Akron native LeBron James just broke the NBA’s all-time scoring record. “the king,” Hamlin said.

Hamlin has not yet been cleared to play football, but doctors believe it will happen soon. Dr. Tom Meyer, medical director of the NFL Players Association, “guaranteed” to a SiriusXM caller Radio doctor what Hamlin will touch turf.

“I guarantee you, Veronica, that Damar Hamlin will play professional football again.

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in Super Bowl LVII. The Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship On January 29, leading Kansas City to the final battle, and also a controversial post-game interview.

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