WTOL 11 is meeting with the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Toledo to see how his first month at work is going.

TALEDA, Ohio – a little over a month has passed since then Toledo introduced new director for diversity, equity and inclusion Lacey DeBery.

“It evolved because I added staff in that short amount of time, acclimatized to the community, so I went out and visited different places,” he said.

on the topic: The mayor of Toledo has named a new director for diversity, equity and inclusion

DeBary has added at least two new positions to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in Toledo: Disability Manager and Gender Equality Manager.

He explained that the goal is not only to welcome new Toledans, but also to make them stay.

Two days a week he travels to another area after work to meet with residents.

“We sold them in terms of physical performance and economy, as well as in terms of work environment,” DeBery said. “You have different ideas, different values, different backgrounds, races, genders and so on and so forth. It all works together. “

He said last month he met with board members and leaders of organizations to find out exactly what the community needs.

DeBery also said that having a diverse workforce in Toledo is crucial to moving forward.

“The ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem where businesses can coexist, where they can be supported, where someone can come to the area and learn how they can get certified, how they can get contracts, how they can thrive in Toledo.”

A disparity study is currently underway.

DeBery explained that he is conducting a full rebranding of work on diversity, equity and inclusion in Glass City.

“This is a place where you are accepted, not just tolerated, but accepted.”




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