A family spokesman says the search is related to the disappearance of Dee Warner, who was last seen more than two years ago.

LENAWEE COUNTY, Mich. — A spokeswoman for Dee Warner’s family and a spokesman for the Michigan State Police said crews were scouring a field in Lenawee County Tuesday afternoon in connection with Dee’s disappearance. a little over two years ago.

A Michigan State Police lieutenant told WTOL 11 that detectives with the Special Investigations Unit are currently executing search warrants at the Lenawee County property as part of the investigation into Dee’s disappearance.

WTOL 11 crews are on their way to the scene, which is located off M-50 between Pentecost and Beebe freeways in Franklin Township.

Dee, 52, was last seen in the early morning hours of April 25, 2021, at her home on Munger Road in Franklin Township. Warner has had no contact with her family or friends since she went missing.

According to an affidavit from friend Amy Alexander, Warner was last seen dropping off her young daughter with a friend before going to meet her husband, Dale Warner.

So far, some members of Dee’s family are in the process petition to judge to declare Dee legally dead, Dale insists she left to start a new life.

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