VAN WERT – Vantage Career students participated in the 4th annual signing day to provide jobs for advanced training, celebrating the Week of Demanded Vacancies. The event marks the beginning of students ’professional careers, as both students and their employers sign the necessary documents to accept them as employees after graduating from the Vantage Career Center. For students, it is a physical representation of the culmination of the two years they have infused into their career education.

The following is a list of companies and local students who participated in the Signing Day: All Temp Refrigeration welcomed by Avery Schulte, St. John’s; Troy Calvelage, Fort Jennings; and Mackenzie Burghi, Fort Jennings; GROB Systems, Inc. welcomed Jacob Swiers, Khalid; LA Miller Restorations welcomes Trevor Kill, St. John’s; BK Tool & Design welcomed Joseph Clear, Fort Jennings; Menke Bros. Construction welcomed Jesse Calvelaz, Fort Jennings; Lima Millwork welcomed Mason Vanderwell, St. John’s; Sprint Electric welcomed Jacob Miller, St. John’s; and Devin Sanders, St. John’s; Tuttle Construction welcomed Nathan Schroeder, Khalid; HVACR JATC plumbers welcomed Jackson Rome, Jefferson; Gerdeman Inc. welcomed by Alena Cross, Jefferson; the army welcomed Emilee Stuteville, Jefferson; and Zoe Westrick, Khalid.

Vantage Career Center students and their employers stand together after the signing ceremony.

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