Today, last mile logistics is seeing some pretty remarkable innovation and leaps and bounds, especially in the Gulf and India. A video of a man flying a jet pack to deliver what appears to be food has gone viral in the past couple of days.

The question is, is the video real or cleverly edited?

Social media users shared a video of a man in a jetpack delivering items to a high-rise building in Saudi Arabia. The video shows a man using a motor or jetpack to fly and move from one tower to another to deliver an order.

The global food delivery industry is growing at a rate of 10 percent annually, and the size of this market is expected to reach $365 billion by 2030.

Back to the video, while some people believe the video is true, it’s actually a very cleverly and cheekily composed video of a food delivery company using a drone to deliver their orders.

While delivery guys using jetpacks to deliver things like groceries and food still seem far-fetched, even for some of the world’s wealthiest countries, drone deliveries are increasingly becoming a reality.

Drones used to deliver goods solve a large part of the problems logistics companies face in last-mile logistics.

As cool as it may sound, using deliverymen in jetpacks to deliver black cargo isn’t exactly economical. There’s the cost of the labor required to install the jet pack, the fuel and the delivery driver’s wages, not to mention lengthy regulatory approvals and required insurance.

The video and CGI are believed to be part of an upcoming advertising campaign for a local food delivery business.