The Google Play Store offers us a wide range of diverse applications for both professional and entertainment purposes. So, it’s no surprise that you won’t want to limit your Android to just a smartphone. In Windows 11, you can use all the programs offered by the Google Play Store.

I wonder how? You will first need to uninstall the Windows Subsystem for Android and enable developer mode to start downloading the Google Play Store. You will then need to install the modified Windows Subsystem for Android, which is available on GitHub. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process, according to Android Authority:

Steps to Install Google Play Store on Windows 11:

Step 1: To uninstall the current version of Windows Subsystem for Android on your Windows 11 system, go to Settings and click on the Apps tab visible on the left panel. Now tap on the Apps and Features section. Scroll down to Windows Subsystem for Android in the list of apps. Go to the menu with three dots and click “Delete”.

Step 2: Now go to the “Privacy & Security” tab available on the left panel. Under Security, click For Developers. Enable developer mode. When prompted, click Yes.

Step 3: Go to GitHub and create an account. Then go to the LSPosed MagiskOnWSA page.

Step 4: In the upper right corner, click the “Fork” button. This process will open a branched copy in your account in a few seconds. If you lose it, you can simply visit the “Your Repositories” option by clicking on your profile icon.

Step 5: Once on this page, click on the Actions tab. You will need to grant one-time permission to run workflows. Post this, click the green button that says “I understand my workflows, go ahead and enable them.”

Step 6: Click the Build WSA workflow on the left sidebar. Then select the workflow button “Execute”.

Step 7: You will get a pop-up window. Except for “gapps Options”, leave all options as they are. Click on the drop down menu that says “none under it” and click on Pico. Then select the green “Run” workflow button.

Step 7: After completing the task, the visible orange status marker will turn into a green check mark.

Step 8: Click the “Build WSA” task label and scroll down to the “Artifacts” tab. An Arm and x86 version of the modified WSA package will be prepared for you. To start the installation, select the correct version according to the type of processor.

Step 9: Extract the installed file to a folder and open the folder. Find the Install option, right-click on it, and click Run with PowerShell. Click “Open” when a security warning appears. When PowerShell prompts for permission, click Run.

Step 10: PowerShell may ask you to reboot your system. If this happens, re-run the Install file in PowerShell. Once done, search for “Windows Subsystem for Android” in the Start menu and open it.

Step 11: After that enable developer mode in subsystem settings. Select Manage Developer Options to launch the subsystem. Allow/deny diagnostic data when prompted and click “Allow access” when prompted by Windows Firewall.

Step 12: The Google Play Store will be downloaded to your Windows 11 system in a few moments.