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Wapakoneta 14, Bath 4

Zach Rogers of Wapakoneta was 2 on 4 with 2 doubles, 3 RBI and 2 runs, and Taylor Ecols was 3 on 6 with 2 RBI and 2 runs. Braden Gulet was 2 on 4 with 3 RBI and running, and Grant Jolie was 2 on 5 with 2 RBI and offset. Alex Lewis and Kaden Zifring rode each time. In Bath, Blaine Albright went 2 on 3 with a double, 2 RBI and a run, while Quintin Collins did a home run and left for two.

Shawnee 13, Columbus Grove 4

COLUMBUS GROVE – Peyton Meredith of Shawnee and Derek Rhodes team up in three strikers. Meredith made two and one-third innings and crossed out two while walking three, while Rhodes made four and two-thirds innings, identifying seven and knocking out four. In the plate Meredith went 2 on 5 with RBI and jogging, while Blake Riemann had RBI and three jogging. Sage Ebling ran on the run and scored a goal, and Keaton Cooper scored twice. Anthony Best and Derek Lyons each raced, and Cole Marshall chased two. For Columbus Grove Seth Hulker went with a score of 2 to 3, and Brenton Renner went on the run.

Kalida 9, Lincolnview 5

MIDDLE – Drew Bass of Kalida got 2 on 4 with a double, and Justin Zibenek was 2 on 4 with a triple. Jaden Smith, Colin Hoffman and Carson Clausing had two races. EJ Miller was 2 on 4 with RBI. For Lincolnview Landon Price had a double and 2 RBI

Elis 6, Kenton 4

Mike Nibel of Elida had four races and Gunnar Kuhn scored three times. Ryan McGoo was on the run, and Tyler Carter scored twice. For Kenton Kyle Trash got 2 on 4 with RBI, and Seth Lefler went 2 on 3 with a run. Tyson Hopkins was running.

Van Wert 9, Cold Water 6

VAN WERT – Kaden Schaefer of Van Wert went 3 on 4 with a double, 2 RBI and a run, while Braille Parker was 2f or 4 with a double, 2 RBI and 2 runs. Luke Wessel was 2 on 3 with 2 runs, and RBI and TD Stoller scored twice and went on the run. Turner Witten and Josh Reichert rode each time. For Coldwater Adam Gritzko was 2 on 4 with RBI and jogging, and Brailen Harlamert was 2 on 4 with RBI and jogging. Kigam Brugeman was 2 on 3 with RBI and running.

Riverdale 12, Perry 2

MOUNT BLANCHAR – Joey Horsten of Perry won 2 on 3 with a run and Ryan Inst was 1 on 3 with a run. Hunter Clett was running.

Fort Laurie 7, St. Mary’s 5

ST. Mary – Ethan Holandsworth of St Mary went 3 on 4 with a double and 3 RBI, while Ty Kiel went on the run. Cole Koenig was 2 on 4 with the run, and AJ Deeringer was 1 on 2 with the run. Joey Caldwell went 1 on 4 with a run.

Selina 3, Fort Recovery 2

FORT RESTORATION – Quinn Andrew of Selina made five innings, scattered six shots and struck out two, and Dylan Feister made two frames, giving up one shot and giving one. On a plate Jack Hassan, Zach Greber and Carter Altsteter were running. For Fort Recovery Landon Post got 2 on 3 and Riggs Tobe got 2 on 2 with running. Alex Dews and Wyatt Bean rode the tracks.


Defiance’s David Jimenez was named Western Bacchia League Player of the Year, and Defiance head coach Tom Held was named Coach of the Year.

Jimenez Howard (Defiance), Bradon Gule (Wapakoneta, Quinn Andrew (Celina), Jayden Jerger (Defiance), Landon Brandt (Wapakoneta), Luke Wessel (Van Wert), Keaton Cooper (Shawnee), joined the first team of Jimenez. Bath), Carter Dooling (Ottawa-Glandorf) and Gunnar Kuhn (Elis).

The second team included Braden Shaw (Defiance), Gratn Jolie (Wapakoneta), Carter Schimmeler (Ottawa-Glandoff), Ethan Rupert (Van Wert), Dylan Fister (Celina), Austin Williams (Bath), Austin Williams (Bath), Gavina Gomez (Defnerce) Witten (Van Wert), Alex Mack (Ottawa-Glandorf), Derek Lyons (Shawnee).

The third team included Sage Ebling (Shawnee), Kaden Schaefer (Van Wert), Mike Niebel (Elida), Quentin Collins (Bath), Cole Koenig (St. Mary’s), Luke Lefler (Kenton), Tay Kiel (St. Mary’s) , Zach Rogers (Wapakoneta), Joel Rasor (Bath) and Jack Hassan (Selina).

Honorary awards went to Wade Lifick (Defiance), Taylor Ecols (Wapakoneta), Nate Maag (Ottawa-Glandorf), Grady Baum (Kenton), AJ Dieringer (St. Mary’s), Braille Parker (Van Wert), Nick Steinbrunner Cel (Elis), Skyler Lhamon (Bath) and Luke Cowen (Shawnee).


Elis 14, Shawnee 3

Carly Shiles of Elida went 3 on 4 with two home runs, 6 RBI and two runs, while Leah Ramirez was 2 on 3 with 2 RBI and 2 run. Eva Irons rode in two races, and Cadence Miller scored three times. Kylie Biglow went 2 on 3. For Shawnee Hailey Worm went 2 on 3 with a home run, an RBI and a run, and Kaylee Grant scored a home run. Bailey Bulak was 2 on 3 and was running.

Ridgemont 14, Waynesfield-Goshen 2

MOUNT VICTORY – Whitney Bailey of Ridgemont went 1 on 2 with 2 runs, and RBI and Brooke Nelson, Braxton Thomas and Amanda Howland held two races each. Kylie Shrive was also running. For Waynesfield-Goshen Leah Wener was 1 to 2 with RBI.

Elgin 10, Ridgemont 0

MOUNT VICTORY – Whitney Bailey of Ridgemont got a hit. Elgin’s pitcher Olivia Roth struck out 11 and gave up one hit.


Carsin McGloten of St. Mary and Eli Wilson of Wapakaneta shared the awards for Player of the Year, and Bill Sammons of Wapakaneta received the Coach of the Year award.

McGloten and Wilson were joined in the first team by Dylan Griggsby (Bath), Mara Elston (Defiance), Kaylee Grant (Shawnee), Peyton Bertke (Selina), Carly Schroeder (Wapakaneta), Leah Ramirez (Elis), Bryn Butler and Emily Phillips (Van Wert).

The second team included Shelby Marstellar (Bath), Elizabeth Hoffman (Defense), Lacey Monning (Elis), Carissa Frederick (Selina), Renee Sveigart (St. Mary’s), Hailey Wurm (Shawn), Carly Young (Vanya Wert) Fisher (Wapakoneta) and Emily Van Horn (Wapakoneta).

The third team included Anne Oliver (Bath), Jill Byrd (Kenton), Kira Vermilion (Shawnee), Sidney Davis (Selina), Audrey Hedrick (Elida), Emma Kennedy (Van Vert), Lindsay Roth (Defiance), Bailey St. Mary) and Arkia Wat (Wapakoneta).

Honorary awards went to Rachel Clark (Bath), Sarah Gizege (Selina), Taigen Zipfel (Selina), Cadence Miller (Elis), Emily Pease (Kenton), Peyton Modschidler (Shawnee), Mackenzie Henning (St. Mary), Sid. (Van Wert) and Riley Jeanneret (Wapakoneta).



UNOH 12, Taylor 8

UPLAND, India – The University of Northwest Ohio opened the first round of the opening round of the NAIA National Championship with a score of 12-7 over Taylor on Monday. Racer Shakur Jackson went 2 on 5 with a home run, 5 RBI and 2 runs, while Luis Yadl Rivera Gotai made a home run, scored three times and drove in two races. Christian Perez went 4 on 5 with 2 RBI and Xhosa. Ortiz went 2 on 5 out of 2 RBI.

Blaine Albright of Bata catches the ball against Wapakoneta during Monday’s game at Bata High School.

Ricky Depp of Bath on Monday confronts Wapakanet at Bath High School.

Austin West of Wapakoneta first caught a throw to kick Ricky Depp out of Bath during Monday’s game at Bath High School.

Taylor Ecols of Wapakoneta bounces the ball against Bata during Monday’s game at Bata High School.

Ricky Depe from Bata bounces the ball in the far field against Wapakoneta during Monday’s game at Bata High School.

Zach Rogers of Wapakoneta bounces the ball against Bath on Monday at Bath High School.

Grant Bauer of Wapakoneta plays against Bata on Monday at Bata High School.


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