LIMA – WAR 19 & HOF 10 is scheduled to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the local wrestling franchise on Saturday, May 21, with matches taking place at 7pm at the Empowered Sports Center in Lima.

The venue, formerly known as Northland Bowling Lanes, 1730 N. Union St., will open its doors at 4pm for VIP members and at 4.45pm for the general public.

The WAR, which stands for Wrestling & Respect, will host seven major bells and whistles: The Bunkhouse Tag Team Brawl, WAR Women’s Title Match, Jeremy McLane Memorial Battle Royal, Respect Title Match (aka Kendo Stick on a Pole), War Tag Team Title Match , Meeting with the collar and confronting voodoo champion Maggio McQueen against champion Aaron Williams.

In the second race of the evening champion Sean Reed fights Harley Fairfax with Jackie Black for the women’s crown.

“It’s the biggest show of the year,” said Thomas Williams, owner and promoter of WAR Wrestling. “Fans as close as possible to see good entertainment for all ages.”

Admission tickets for WAR 19 and HOF 10, which cost $ 12 apiece (or $ 22 for VIP), can be purchased on Groamy CDs and tapes or online at

The Hall of Fame award ceremony will take place at 5:30 p.m. with a quartet of recruits: Hardcore Craig, Brandon Blaze, “Sick & Twisted” Zach Spades and Robbie “Super” p.

The first four lines of the event were sold out as of Monday, according to Williams, who called the case “Past, Present and Future” WAR.

Additional attendees on Saturday night are expected to be Paloma Starr, Airy Alexander and Rick Toms.

Sponsors include the Lima School Platinum, Shehds Lighting, M&N Curves, Custom Audio Concepts and Somewhere in Time.

Word of the Wise: For the presentation in the Hall of Fame, participants must be in their seats by 5:30 p.m .; otherwise, you need to wait until the ceremony is over.

Robbie “Super” Page

Jack Spadez

Brandon Blaze

Hardcore Craig

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