Dimitrius Stanley died in February after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was only 48.

WESTERVILLE, Ohio – Jessica Stanley is learning to live without her soulmate.

“I miss his hugs. I miss being able to pick up the phone and tell him what happened in my day,” she said. “I miss my best friend.”

Husband Dimitrius Stanley, died in February after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was only 48.

“He was kind, kind and wanted to make a difference. He didn’t need anything in return. He didn’t need recognition. He was just a real good person, says Jessica.

If you ask anyone who has ever met him, they will agree. From his football years at Ohio State University in the 90s to running for Columbus City Council in 2015, Dimitrios was all about his community and striving to make it better…something Delaware County Commissioner Barb Lewis admired

“So many people knew Dimitri and the great work he did. So we were very happy to have him settle in Delaware County, Lewis said.

When Jessica petitioned to rename the driveway to their neighborhood after her husband, Lewis was thrilled. The Delaware County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to rename Alpine Drive “Dimitrius Stanley Way.”

“We wanted his memory and his good deeds to be known, so that people would remember him and what he stood for,” Lewis said. “He was such an example.”

Now Dimitriy will be remembered not only as a loving husband, son, friend and father… He will also be remembered as a great community leader and neighbor. His youngest daughter is already running away.

“She tells everybody that my dad’s street is going to be named after him,” Jessica tells 10TV.

An official renaming ceremony will take place this summer.

After his diagnosis, Dimitrios founded a non-profit called Brave Men Inc. to help others diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Jessica says she will continue her husband’s mission to encourage men to get regular prostate cancer screenings. For more information on Brave Men Inc., you can go to them site.

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