Based on recent history, the coin flip can go a long way toward deciding who wins the Super Bowl.

WASHINGTON – The Super Bowl one of the largest sporting events in the United Statesmore than 100 million people watched the game.

This year, the Kansas City Chiefs will face the Philadelphia Eagles for the championship. But before the start of the gameteams have important things to do.

Here’s how the coin toss works at the start of the game:

Who can call the Super Bowl coin toss? Who will be the home team for the 2023 Super Bowl?

In most NFL games, the visiting team may announce a coin toss. But because the Super Bowl is played at a neutral site, there isn’t really an away or home team. Instead, the home team alternates between the AFC and the NFC each year.

This year it’s the NFC’s turn, so the Philadelphia Eagles are the home team.

So that means the Kansas City Chiefs, who are in the AFC conference, will get the right to flip the coin this year.

What does it mean to postpone a coin toss?

Whichever team wins the coin toss can choose whether they want to kick or receive the ball to start the game. But often the winning team lets the losing team pick it.

If the winning team gives this pick to the other team, it allows them to choose whether they want to punt or receive the ball at the start of the second half. Most teams want to get the ball early in the second half, so they let the opposing team choose who starts with the ball early in the game.

However, it didn’t always work that way. It wasn’t until 2008 that the NFL began allowing coin toss winners to defer their picks. Prior to this, winning coaches chose to receive the ball 99% of the time, according to ESPN. But after the rule change, most coaches are usually put off.

Is there a Super Bowl coin flip curse?

While it may seem like luck is on the side of the winner of the Super Bowl coin toss, historically it hasn’t always resulted in that team winning.

In the last eight Super Bowls, the team that won the coin toss lost the game. Ironically, that streak began in 2015 at the same stadium that will host Sunday’s game.

The last team to win the coin toss and the Super Bowl was the Seahawks in 2014.

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