A few months ago, much was said about this security vulnerability Dirty pipewhich could infect popular Android smartphones and any devices running the Linux operating system. Usually, when we hear such disturbing news, the first reaction is whether I am injured or my smartphone is in any danger. And it’s an understandable way to question things.

So we decided to read the whole saga and list what this vulnerable pipe vulnerability is, how it affects the device and whether to worry and take action.

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What is the Dirty Pipe vulnerability?

Dirty Pipe is the name of the vulnerability and the researcher who found this issue has raised serious concerns. It was found in the Linux kernel version 5.8 or higher. They noticed a serious bug in the operating system that allowed malicious data to be entered into any file, making it vulnerable to further attacks and possible intrusions by bad subjects.

Dirty Pipe uses a way in which the Linux kernel can read, write, and process data through something called a “pipe,” which explains the name of the vulnerability. And because Linux handles different files, this problem can cause more damage to the device. As you may know, most devices on the market these days, including Android smartphones, are built on Linux kernels.

An attacker could easily bypass the security system and gain root access to change the system without your permission. All of this puts your devices at risk of intrusion, which can set up the system in any way.

Does this affect my Android smartphone

Because the vulnerability directly attacks the Linux kernel, Android smartphones carry some risk. But the good news: the list of affected smartphones is quite small, because in the Linux kernel version 5.8 was found vulnerability Dirty Pipe, which is only available when using a smartphone with Android version 12 or later.

The Linux 5.8 kernel came out in 2020, and according to experts, it hit Android only with version 12 released last year. So, with that in mind, the risk factor for Android smartphones is limited to a small amount.

But if you have any of the latest phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, the latest Xiaomi 12 Pro or the Google Pixel 6 line, chances are your device is running an infected Linux 5.8 kernel. Fortunately, both of these companies have addressed this issue and released a fix to fix the Dirty Pipe vulnerability for their smartphones.

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How to check the Linux kernel version of my smartphone

Obviously, millions of Android smartphone users would like to check to see if their device is infected with this problem. And to make it easier, users should follow these steps to check:

– Go to Settings on your phone

– Click About Phone

– Scroll down to Android version / software

– Click on it to see the Linux kernel version

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If the version of the kernel running on your smartphone is below the 5.0 series, it is not threatened. If your phone’s core version is 5 or higher, be sure to check for updates that may update the version for your device.

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