While the royal outfit was chosen for him according to tradition, the other members of the royal family have a more elaborate dress code.

WASHINGTON — The British royal family has a long and complicated history of fashion for important events. From Princess Diana’s famous dresses to the proud military regalia displayed at the Queen’s funeral, there’s plenty to unpack.

Here’s what the different members of the royal family are like wearing for coronation and why.

King Charles III

England’s new monarch was crowned at Westminster Abbey in traditional coronation robes, which include a series of robes woven from cloth of gold.

The Supertunica, as the royal coat is called, was worn under the “Golden Imperial Mantle”, a cloak made for King George IV in 1821.

He also went in and out wearing two different robesone of crimson velvet, and one of purple silk velvet, embroidered with gold.

Queen Camilla

Charles’ wife entered the ceremony in a red robe to match the one her husband wore. For the actual coronation, she wore a dress designed by Bruce Oldfield, a friend and frequent tailor to the royal family. according to The Independent.

While the public knew who designed her dress, the actual design was kept secret until the coronation.

After the ceremony, Camilla wore a unique purple satin gown – a twin of the one Charles will be wearing – embroidered with a variety of plants with different meanings.

According to Buckingham Palace, these include lily of the valley, which was Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite flower; Myrtle, which represents hope; and the delphinium, one of King Charles’ favorite flowers.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry attended the ceremony without his wife and two children. It was also the first time he had seen the rest of his family since the release of his less-than-complimentary memoir, Spare, which painted them in various unflattering lights.

Prince Harry, who has served two tours in Afghanistan, has traditionally in the past been dressed in a military uniform similar to that worn by other serving royals.

However, this is no longer the case as he has stepped down from his official duties with the royal family due to the scrutiny of the British media.

During the Queen’s funeral, Buckingham Palace banned him from wearing a military uniform (although they later took a half-step back, allowing him to wear his uniform at a vigil in her honor).

At the coronation, the Duke of Sussex wore a black three-piece set of tails and military medals on his chest, including a star around his neck that signified he was a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (RVO).

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Princess Anna

Anne is the second child and only daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

At the Queen’s funeral, she was seen wearing the ceremonial uniform of the Royal Navy and again donned military uniform for the coronation.

After the ceremony, Anne followed Charles and Camilla’s carriage on service horses as “Golden Wand Waiting”.

She has never served in the Royal Navy or any other type of British armed forces. But like many members of the royal family, she has a number of honorary military titles.

Anne was promoted to rear admiral in 1993 and promoted to vice admiral in 2009 before becoming admiral in 2012. So, albeit symbolically, she does have a rank in the British Navy.

She is also a General in the British Army and Air Chief Marshal of the Royal Air Force, and holds a number of other titles in the British Commonwealth.

Prince Andrei

One of the most controversial members of the royal family, Prince Andrew, was unexpectedly allowed to wear the ceremonial robes of the Order of the Garter for his coronation.

In 2022, the Queen stripped him of his military patronage and titles after he was accused of sexual assault by Virginia Jugre, who also accused Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew’s relationship with Epstein, a sex trafficker who reportedly provides services to the rich and powerful, caused outrage when it came to light.

He dismissed Giuffre’s sexual assault lawsuit in the US, but settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.

Andrew served in the Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot and instructor, as well as a warship captain.

Despite having his military titles revoked and no longer an “acting royal”, his brother, King Charles, gave him permission to wear uniform during the Queen’s vigil, although he was in civilian clothes for the funeral itself.

According to the Telegraphthe king’s decision to allow Prince Andrew to wear a naval uniform indicates a “softening of the approach” to his brother.

Prince Edward

Like Anne, Edward was seen in military uniform at several events in his mother’s honor in the week before her funeral, despite never having served.

During his older brother’s coronation, Edward also wore a garter robe similar to Prince Andrew’s.

In 1986, Edward joined the Royal Marines after graduating from university, but dropped out of the program after four months. Despite this, he still holds a number of military honors as a member of the royal family, including the title of Commander-in-Chief of the Auxiliary Royal Navy.

He is also a Royal Honorary Colonel of the London Regiment, Royal Colonel of the 2nd Rifle Battalion and Honorary Air Commander Waddington RAF.

Many in the UK criticized his many medals exhibited at a funeral last year because he dropped out of a 12-month basic training program.


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