Investing in gold has many advantages, especially during times of high inflation.

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There are many ways invest in goldfrom buying physical coins and bullion to buying gold mining stocks, shares in gold ETFs and more.

Given the recent economic developments, not to mention the high inflation and flying Stock exchangemany investors consider these options when deciding where to put their money.

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Why is investing in gold profitable?

Are you one of those people who are considering investing in gold? Here are a few ways it can help your portfolio:

This can help with inflation

With inflation currently at the level of 6.5%, gold became attractive investment for many. It has long been considered a precious metal a good hedge against inflation as it tends to hold its value or even rise – even as the value of the dollar declines.

“Gold is widely recognized as a hedge against inflation because its price is less vulnerable to market fluctuations and can support purchasing power during periods of rapid price growth,” says Mina Tadrus, CEO of Tadrus Capital. “The metal resists currency depreciation well as it tends to become more valuable due to increased demand relative to supply at higher levels of inflation.”

Historically, he’s right: when inflation is high, investors tend to turn to gold and other safe haven assets rather than other, more volatile assets like stocks. This helps them maintain or even increase their value while the dollar continues to depreciate.

How The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago explains‚ÄúChanges in inflation or inflation expectations [is] the single most important consideration for the real price of gold.”

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This can protect your wealth when other investments decline

Exactly the same gold can be a smart place to park or even grow your wealth during tough economic times.

As Tadrus explains, “gold is in demand because of its longevity, scarcity, beauty, liquidity and historical status as a store of wealth. Many are turning to it as a safe-haven asset in times of economic uncertainty.”

Often, investments in gold even grow during economic downturns. In accordance with Bureau of Labor Statistics, the value of gold jumped 13% in one year during the Great Recession. After emerging from the recession, it jumped another 50% “due to speculation around an uneven recovery and volatility in US financial markets”.

This can help diversify your portfolio

Putting too much of your money in one asset class means a lot of risk. If this market changes, you could lose significant amounts of money. With gold, you can effectively reduce this risk, spread your money across asset classes and enjoy more a diverse portfolio.

“Gold is an uncorrelated asset compared to stocks and other investments, meaning it moves in the opposite direction of other investments,” says Chad Mitchell, savings and loan specialist at Metropolis Equity Holdings. “This can help balance a portfolio and provide protection against market downturns and volatility, as well as reduce risk.”

Generally speaking, most experts recommend allocating no more than 5-10% of your portfolio to gold investments as an effective method of diversification.

How to buy gold

In the long run, gold usually doesn’t generate significant returns, so if you’re looking for major wealth, this asset is probably not that.

However, if you decide to buy gold, take your pick gold investment strategy reasonable.

There are many ways to do this: You can buy shares of gold mining companies, buy physical gold, invest in a gold IRA (which allows you to buy silver and other precious metals too) or buy gold ETF shares. According to a study published in Journal of Financial AnalystsGold bullion ETFs are the best performers with returns of up to 76% over the 10-year period studied.

You can start investing in gold with Goldco now or use the table below to check out some of the best gold suppliers.

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