Wordle, wordplay has been a viral sensation since its debut. And many found Wordle a good way to test their English skills. Wordle gets a new word at 12am every day. The word guessing game allows the player to choose a different five-letter word each day that he needs to do in just six attempts. Hints are presented in colored tiles. Of these, the yellow color means that the letter is part of the word, but the user has placed it incorrectly. If you see green in the box, it means the letter is exactly where it should be. Finally, the presence of a gray frame means that the letter is not part of the word of the day.

For example, on Wordle The answer of 338 for May 23 was HINGE, and the answer of Wordle 337 for May 22 before was MONEY.


Answer to today’s Wordle (Wordle 339, May 24) – AN ALBUM, which is a blank book for inserting photos, stamps or images.

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Wordle Word of the Day for Wordle 336 May 21 was SCRAP. Prior to that word on May 20 Wordle 335 was GAMER. Wordle 334 words of the day on May 19 was GLASS. For Wordle 333 the word was SCOUR, and the answer of May 17 for Wordle 332 was BEING. Prior to that, Wordle’s answer for Wordle 331 on May 16 was DELVE. Even before that on May 14 the answer for Wordle 329 was METAL. Wordle 327 was SLUNG, and FARCE was Wordle 326.


Wordle is available for playback in any browser for desktops or mobile phones such as Google Chrome, Brave, Safari and others. Users can go to the official website (link) and play this free game without registering. The site also has a simple design, and users can immediately go into the game. In the upper right corner there is a settings section where users can choose between “Hard Mode”, “Dark Theme” and “Color Gloss Mode”.

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Simply put, Wordle is a word guessing game in which you have to guess a secret five-letter word in six attempts. With the correct assumption, a certain block will be marked with one letter as “green”. If there is a letter “R” in the secret world, but your chosen world contains a letter in the wrong block, it will be shown in yellow. If the block remains gray, it means that the letter is not anywhere. Every day Wordle will choose a new word of the day, so in other words, the secret word is constantly changing.

Not to mention that this secret Wordle word is completely random, but there are some tricks to get closer to your goal. The first word is perhaps the most important, so try to choose something with a few vowels. For example, words like “goodbye”, “audio” and “hurray” are good options. Second, make sure you equip as many 5-letter words with multiple vowels in your vocabulary, at least for the first line. Try not to repeat the same words in Wordle, but sometimes you have to take risks.

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Earlier this year, Wordle was acquired by The New York Times and is replenishing the game’s portfolio of games. The NYT said it bought the game from its maker, Josh Wardle, for an undisclosed “seven-figure sum.”

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