Alison Michael didn’t have time to get to the hospital, so a four-person ambulance crew helped Michael deliver the baby girl in the ambulance.

MEDINA COUNTY, Ohio – The birth of a northeast Ohio baby girl is a story sure to be told for generations.

Alison Michael, a mother of three boys, knows the feeling of childbirth. It happened a little after three in the morning on Tuesday, except this time there was no time to get to the hospital.

Her husband, John, called 911, and paramedics rushed to their Medina County home.

“She wanted to show up. That’s for sure. She has three brothers to keep up with,” Michaels said.

Firefighter Brandy Krell prepared for the possibility of having a baby while keeping Michael calm.

“We made eye contact and she said, ‘I’m going to have a baby,'” Kroll said.

A fireman helped Michael into an ambulance parked in the driveway.

“I lifted up her pajama shirt and there was a head,” Kroll said.

While Michael was still in the ambulance, Clara Smith was born.

“And as soon as I moved that cord, she went and landed right in my arms. I looked directly at the monitor, and I was like 3:47, the time of birth,” Kral said.

Delivering the baby in an ambulance was a first for all members of the four-man rescue team.

“To be like the youngest person that was here at the time, it was crazy,” said DeAnte Taylor, the team’s paramedic.

As for Michael, she’s still trying to process the fact that she gave birth to her daughter in the driveway.

Michael will be forever grateful to those who helped, who also brought balloons and gifts to her hospital.

“They definitely take part in Clara’s life. That’s exactly how they take it,” said Michael.

“I really wanted to hold a baby again and we just wanted her to know that we appreciate it and it’s the highlight of my career,” Crail said.

Baby Clara is feeling great because she can already tell a great story while only being on Earth for a few days.

The fire chief said the entire team involved in delivering Clara will receive an award at a meeting next week.

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