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Photo: Sean M. Peters

On October 4, 2022, a truck crashed after driving into the Alabama Fish Bar.

The Cincinnati Police Department responded to a crash in Over-the-Rhine on Oct. 4 when a vehicle drove into the Alabama Fish Bar.

According to the officers, an allegedly intoxicated man crashed his black pickup truck into the door of the restaurant, which is located on the corner of Svoboda and Gonka streets. Police have not identified the man CityBeatand he was not seen on the spot.

CityBeat arrived at the scene at 3:00 p.m., after the vehicle was moved for safety reasons. The truck sustained serious damage, with the front fender and driver’s side wheel completely smashed.

The Alabama fish bar looked mostly intact. Workers were already supporting the overhang of the entrance with tall metal pillars, and the front door was completely off its hinges. CityBeat observed no other structural or window damage.

Two police cars protected the truck and reduced the traffic lanes. Several people stood by and took pictures of the scene.

A recent rediscovery

The collapse occurs after a few months after Alabama Fish Bar reopened to the public after a series of renovations.

The three-decade-old eatery, located at 1601 Race St., closed in October 2021 for renovations after signing a new lease with 3CDC. The acquisition was part of the $50 million 3CDC Willkommen project, which includes the construction/renovation of several buildings across the Rhine to create 163 residential units (with some affordable) and nearly 20,000 square feet of commercial space.

As a result of the deal, the Alabama Fish Bar received a refreshed storefront, new flooring and paint, and new kitchen equipment.

Owner Anna Feeley said at the time of the closing that the planning took some time, but the renovation was worth the wait.

“Things take time, and if you want something done right, you can’t rush it,” Phyllis said. “It’s been about three years, but I’m excited for the change and I’m excited for the future.”

The restaurant resumed work on January 19.

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