Yellow Springs Street Fair, 2017 (Photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

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After a break of more than two years, Street Fair is back.

The regionally renowned Yellow Springs Festival of Trade, Crafts and Fun is set to return this Saturday, October 8, from 9am to 5pm. The event will include two music stages, a beer garden, live street performers and more than 250 vendors throughout downtown.

The last five scheduled dates of the semi-annual fair – usually held on the second Saturdays in June and October – have been canceled due to the significant level of COVID-19 transmission in the region and state. In an interview earlier this year, Gallow Springs Chamber of Commerce President Mark Hayes told the News that the last street fair, held in October 2019, brought about 26,000 visitors to the village. At the time, he said he expected this year’s event to bring even more people.

Despite the growing popularity of the street fair, the daytime extravaganza has homegrown and humble roots. According to YS News archives, the event began as a summer sidewalk sale in 1963. Early sales gathered villagers and downtown shopkeepers on the sidewalk to trade and sell a variety of trinkets and trinkets. As the annual summer sale grew, a second eventually followed in the fall.

While the shape and size of the street fair has changed over the decades, the spirit of the original sidewalk sale remains. It is still a day once every six months for villagers and visitors to smile, share and shop.