The map shows the location of San Miguel Tatalapan in Mexico.

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Militants in southern Mexico killed at least 18 people in an attack on Wednesday, including the town’s mayor, authorities said.

Prosecutor Sandra Luz Valdavinos told Milenio TV that the attack took place in San Miguel Tatalapan in the state of Guerrero. Two more were injured, she said.

“So far we have 18 confirmed deaths,” Valdovinos told the station.

Among those killed was the mayor of the city, Conrado Mendoza.

The motive for the attack was not immediately known.

The press reported that the attack in broad daylight was carried out by the group Los Tequileros, which is linked to a powerful drug cartel called the Jalisco Nueva Generacion.

Local television showed the facade of the town hall riddled with bullets and people could be heard screaming.

San Miguel Tatalapan is a town of about 4,300 people in the Guerrero district with a history of violent feuds between cartels.

Mexico has seen more than 340,000 murders, mostly by drug gangs, since the government deployed troops to fight the cartels in 2006.

Los Tequileros have plagued San Miguel Tatalapan and previously staged kidnappings there, but the group’s influence has waned since the death of one of its leaders in 2018 in a shootout with local police.