While the sophomore sensation isn’t thrilled with his own numbers, they’re still impressive. 333 passing yards and six career touchdowns against Fremont Ross

FINDLAY, Ohio — “First and foremost, I do everything to win because that’s the main goal,” Findlay sophomore quarterback Ryan Montgomery said. “I don’t care what the stats are, I just want to win at all costs.”

Montgomery proved that in week six of the Ohio State high school football season, leading the Trojans to a victory over previously undefeated Fremont Ross.

“It was a huge win, we needed it,” Montgomery said. “We didn’t start too strong, struggling in different aspects of the game, especially in attack. We haven’t found our groove yet, and in this game we really found what we’re good at.”

While the sophomore sensation doesn’t get excited about his own numbers, they’re still impressive. 333 passing yards and six career touchdowns.

“I thought I played pretty well, but it’s a team game. I couldn’t do anything without the other 10 guys on offense,” Montgomery said. “My lineman played great up front, I didn’t get hit all game, the defense was great. The receivers played and just shout out to all of them because I don’t want to take all the credit because they played a big role.”

Head coach Stephan Adams added, “You really saw a top-level competitor out of him a little bit more than usual. He wanted to make every shot.”

Montgomery’s talent was in the spotlight even before he entered high school. Two years away from graduation, he already has more than a dozen Division I offers, including Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Toledo.

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However, you won’t find this defender settling for anything.

“He likes to work. I think he really believes that everything he does is going to help him succeed individually and for his teammates,” Adams said. “I was very impressed with his ability to put his head down and work.”

The effort that led to the production, and most importantly, the belief.

“I just like having the ball in my hands, I’m very confident,” Montgomery said. “I’m very confident in my offense and I know I can play, it really showed Friday night.”

Ryan Montgomery is our WTOL 11 Athlete of the Week.