When asked about his plans for a splurge following his five-year, $100 million contract with the Carolina Panthers, new guard Robert Hunt didn’t hesitate: he wanted a Tesla Cybertruck. The former Miami Dolphins player expressed his long-standing desire for the futuristic all-terrain vehicle during a Zoom call on Wednesday.

Hunt recognized the luxury status of the rectangular-shaped Cybertruck, which recently fetched high prices at auction. However, he emphasized its importance as a personal treat, particularly after securing his lucrative contract with the Panthers.

While Hunt’s interest in the Cybertruck may be a matter of personal preference, his addition to the Carolina team holds significant importance. The Panthers are determined to fortify their offensive line to safeguard quarterback Bryce Young, who faced a record number of sacks in the 2023 season. To address this, the Panthers made Hunt the third-highest-paid guard in the NFL, alongside signing Damien Lewis from the Seattle Seahawks to further bolster their offensive line.

These strategic moves align with the team’s objective to create a secure pocket for Young, allowing him to operate effectively on the field. Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian highlighted the critical role of a strong interior offensive line in protecting quarterbacks, particularly those with shorter statures like Young.

The Panthers’ investment in Hunt and Lewis reflects a broader trend in the NFL, where teams prioritize fortifying their offensive lines to enhance quarterback protection and offensive performance. The success of teams with robust pass protection underscores the importance of this strategy, with the Panthers aiming to emulate their effectiveness in the upcoming season.

As Hunt and Lewis join forces to strengthen the Panthers’ offensive line, they are committed to providing Young with the protection he needs to excel on the field. Their shared determination and aggressive playing style epitomize the team’s ethos of resilience and competitiveness.

Amidst their focus on football, Hunt maintains his eye on the coveted Tesla Cybertruck, expressing his desire for one and urging those in Charlotte to help fulfill his wish.