Restless Dead Stacey Murphy

Three months after a horrific experience on Blackwell Island, Amelia returns to work at a nightclub and does her best to come to terms with her new ability to communicate with the spirit world. The last thing she wants to do is hunt down another killer on the streets of New York’s Palachona Age. But when she and her brother Jonas discover the body – and spirit – of a young girl whose recent abduction has electrified the city, Amelia’s resolve falters.

Fiona and Jane Jean Cheng Ho

Best friends from second grade, Fiona Lynn and Jane Sheng together explore the lonely highways and abandoned bars of Los Angeles in their teens, experiencing unfulfilled romantic encounters and carrying with them the scars of their families ’turbulent past. Fiona was always destined to leave, her casual beauty adorned with fierce ambitions – qualities that Jane admired and feared equally.

Candy House Jennifer Egan

Candy House begins with the stunningly brilliant Bix Buton, whose company, Mandala, is so successful that it is “the only one of those technological demigods we all relate to by name”. Bix is ​​restless, desperate for a new idea when he gets into a group of conversations, mostly professors of Colombia, one of whom is experimenting with downloading or “externalizing” memory. For ten years, Bix’s new “Rule Your Unconscious” technology – which allows you to access all the memories you’ve ever had and share each memory in exchange for access to the memories of others – has seduced many people.

A better union is Tammy Huff

Henry O’Toole sailed for America in 1848 to avoid famine in Ireland, only to face anti-immigrant prejudices. Torn from her home and sold to Jubilee Plantation, Sarah must navigate her complex hierarchy. And so the mysterious blacksmith promises her not only peace but also freedom. How could she say no? Enslaved on the Jubilee Plantation, Maple desperately wants to return to her husband and daughter. With Sarah’s arrival she sees her chance to finally reunite with her family, but at what cost?


Sleep Correction: Practical, Proven and Amazing Solutions for Insomnia, Snoring, Shift Work and More from Diana Macedo

About 30 percent of the population is estimated to live with insomnia, while much more unconsciously suffer from other sleep disorders. As a morning reporter and news anchor, Maceda has come a long way in learning how precious sleep is and how it affects everything from our heart to our brain to our immune system. In desperation, she tried standard sleep advice for a standard sleep tip, but nothing worked – instead she got worse.

The Duchess of the Countess: the woman who scandalized eighteenth-century London Catherine Ostler

As the maid of honor of the Princess of Wales, Elizabeth Chadley led a luxurious life in the inner circle of the Hanoverian court. With her extraordinary style and fascinating wit, she both pleased and scandalized the press and the public. A secret candlelit wedding with the young heir to the earl, a second marriage to the duke, a thirst for diamonds and an electrified appearance at a masquerade ball in a dress with a delicate dress – not surprisingly, the final trial of Elizabeth became a sensation.

Myths of the World: Tony Alan’s illustrated treasure trove of the world’s greatest stories

In this beautifully illustrated gift edition you will discover more than 240 mythological stories from around the world, which feature gods, heroes, princesses, villains, wizards and monsters, as well as animals with extraordinary powers. Let this collection take you through stories from all over the globe, from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome through the Vikings to the Slavic East, Japan, China and America. Every culture is rich in folklore and fairy tales, and this book offers a fascinating introduction to them all.

Truth: Jackie Robinson’s Four Seasons Bones Kennedy

For players, fans, managers and executives Jackie Robinson remains the only figure in baseball, the person who has expanded and continues to expand the reach of the game. For Ruth. For Clement. For Aaron. Beyond the heroes of today. Now, half a century after Robinson’s death, letters are coming to his widow, Rachel, by number. But Robinson’s influence went far beyond baseball: he opened the door for black Americans to participate in other sports and was a national figure who spoke eloquently about inequality.


I confirm me: The Alphabet of Inspiration for Black Children by Nyasha Williams

In this empowering alphabet, there are affirmations for black children who use every letter of the alphabet to nurture and affirm the concepts of self-esteem, identity, community, and positivity. From A for Afro to H for Historically Black College, J for Justice, O for Optimism, U for Unity and more, each page celebrates a positive attitude that promotes self-esteem and success.

Age: 4-8


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