Toby Snow has held his position at BG City Schools for many years. But on September 28, he helped transport about 20 residents to safety from an apartment fire.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Toby Snow was working Bowling Green City Schools‘ transport director for many years.

“I get to work around 5:30 with no Fridays until 6 a.m.,” Snow said. “Make sure our drivers show up and make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the day.”

Snow was recently forced to drive buses to help with the driver shortage. On September 28, he was called to do something he had never done before. He said Bowling Green police contacted him about a fire at the Fairview Manor Apartments.

Residents, some of whom have accessibility needs, were forced to evacuate. Within 10 minutes of the call, Snow and another driver, Mike Ackley, arranged for two buses to take the families to the shelter.

“We loaded up three wheelchairs and maybe 20 people and moved them to the community center,” Snow said.

Hours later, the Bowling Green Fire Department declared the building habitable. Even though it was after school hours, Snow wasn’t done.

“I drove up as soon as I finished driving that day, picked up the first group and drove them to the residence,” Snow said.

Ackley said he wasn’t surprised Snow answered the call.

“Toby just knows how to work with people and do the right things for the right people,” Ackley said.

But for Snow, it’s all part of the workday.

“It’s business as usual,” Snow said. “Nothing has changed. Like I said, we had the opportunity to do it. We had the resources. So we went ahead and took care of it.”

Snow said the district still needs bus drivers. Those interested in applying can do so here.

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