The latest change affected borrowers who took out Perkins loans and federal family education loans.

WASHINGTON – A guide to who’s eligible for Biden the student loan forgiveness program has changed weeks before applications open and will affect the eligibility of millions of student loan borrowers.

Borrowers who had Perkins loans or federal family education loans are at the center of the latest changes, This is reported by NPR. Federal Family Education Loans, known as FFEL loans, were issued and administered by private banks but backed by the federal government.

The program ended in 2010, but more than 4 million borrowers remain FFEL loans, NPR reports. Before Thursday, the Department of Education told borrowers they could consolidate loans into federal direct loans to qualify for the debt relief program.

“As of September 29, 2022, borrowers with non-ED federal student loans cannot receive one-time debt relief by consolidating those loans into Direct Loans.” says the website.

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It is not clear why the department changed the guidelines for FFEL loans.

Biden’s debt relief program also faced legal challenges Thursday after six Republican-led states began filing lawsuits accusing the program of overstepping its executive authority.

this at least the second subpoena this week to a broad proposal laid out by President Joe Biden in late August, when he said his administration cancels up to $20,000 in education debt for a large number of borrowers. The announcement, which came after months of internal debate and pressure from liberal activists, became an immediate political salvo ahead of November’s midterm elections while bolstering conservatives’ case for legitimacy.

The Department of Education is still on track to submit applications for the forgiveness plan in early October, and on Thursday it sent an email to borrowers explaining how to prepare to apply. The email noted that applicants do not need to submit any supporting documents.