In August, I told you how organizations like MidJourney Research Lab are using artificial intelligence to help people create art, and now OpenAI’s DALL-E is publicly available with no waiting list to try out the tool. After having a ton of fun with AI, I can only say one thing: you have to try it for yourself and witness your clues come to life as ‘art’. Check out what I created with DALL-E.

After submitting the sentence “News anchor drinks martinis live,” this is what DALL-E displayed:

Hyperreal rendering (Image: News18 / Shaurya Sharma, via DALL-E)

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It’s safe to say that you can expect hyper-realistic results from AI, given that you give it the right detailed descriptions of what you want. You can also upload your own images and have it create variations.

AI brothers? (Image: News18/ Shaurya Sharma, via Dall-e)

In fact, seeing him create variants of my face peaked my curiosity and I asked him to create variants of the thumbnail I clicked for the News18 Tech video.

Is the border scary? (Image: News18/ Shaurya Sharma. via Dall-e)

Here are some more results I got after submitting random descriptions to DALL-E AI:

Feded: Indian Army in Ladakh, realistic rendering (Image: News18 / Shaurya Sharma, via Dall-e)

Watching this image render shows that the AI ​​knows about the Earth’s geography. Moreover, he tried to create a realistic interpretation of Ladakh, the cold Indian desert.

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Fed: A cat holds a bazooka on Mount Everest (Image: News18/Shaurya Sharma, via Dall-e)

After signing up, you will get 50 free credits from DALL-E, but when you run out, you will need to buy credits from OpenAI. However, every month, you will receive 15 free credits to let your imagination come to life. All in all, DALL-E is a fun experience and you should definitely try it for yourself if you get the chance.

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