With the advancement of technology, it has become easier to use Android phones today. Several features and updates are provided by the mobile communication companies keeping in mind the interests and requirements of the users. As part of these features and updates in mobile phones, another important factor that companies consider is keeping user information safe.

Nowadays, every Android mobile phone or tablet provides at least a basic level of security that helps users protect their devices from unwanted data breaches or intrusions in the event of a lost phone.

For security purposes, users typically protect their devices by entering a PIN, pattern, or full password that gives them the choice to allow selective access to their mobile phones. However, this technology has its own set of drawbacks. If a security PIN, pattern or password is used, users must remember it every time they access their phones. If someone forgets the details, it can get you into trouble.

After that, if you are also a person who can potentially forget the credentials needed to access your mobile phone or have faced the same problem, don’t panic as there is always a way to bypass the technology and hack it further.

Here are some tips on how to unlock your Android phone:
Use your Google Account to reset your password/pin/pattern

Every Android user must sign in to their devices with their Google account credentials. This comes in handy in those tough times when you forget your PIN, password or pattern.

After you have entered the wrong password or PIN multiple times on your phone, there is an option to try after some time, apart from the Forgotten Pattern/Password option.

Click on the second one and you will be prompted to sign in with your registered Google account. Enter the correct credentials and sign in.

The phone should then unlock and you can now set a new password or pattern.

However, this option may not be available for all phones. Older models usually support this process.

Smart Lock function

In such situations, Android’s Smart Lock feature can come to your rescue. This feature usually allows you to log into your Android phone using your home Wi-Fi. So the next time you forget your unlock code, bring your phone up to your home network and it will automatically unlock it for you.

Find my mobile

For people using Samsung smartphones, using the Find My Mobile feature can help in case someone forgets the unlock code. To do this, you need to sign in to your Samsung account in advance. Later, if the situation requires, you can simply go to the Samsung Find My Mobile website on your computer or laptop, enter your Samsung account details and use the Unlock Screen option to remove the password, PIN or pattern.

Reset to factory settings

If nothing works, all you can do is reset your entire device using this option. Although this will erase all your data and information at once, the phone will restart on its own and return to a usable state.

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