Ian weakened to a post-tropical storm around 5pm on Friday National Hurricane Center said hours after the Category 1 hurricane made landfall in South Carolina. However, storm surge watches and warnings were still in effect for parts of North Carolina.

The hurricane center said Ian made landfall near Georgetown, South Carolina, just after 2 p.m. Friday with maximum sustained winds of 85 mph. Forecasters predicted the storm would “weaken rapidly” as it moved inland into the Carolinas late Friday and Saturday.

In Florida, the extent of the storm’s devastation was beginning to emerge as rescue efforts continued and power and water outages continued. New images on Friday showed large debris and catastrophic flooding.

State emergency officials reported 21 deaths as of Friday morning, but they are not sure if all of them are directly related to the storm. Also in Volusia County, the Sheriff’s Department confirmed two deaths related to the storm. As crews continue to search, the death toll could rise if officials learn more from Ian about the loss.

Tracking Hurricane Ian as it hit South Carolina