LONDON (AP) — King Charles III has decided not to attend an international climate summit in Egypt next month, fueling speculation that the new monarch will have to rein in his environmental activism now that he has ascended the throne.

The Sunday Times reported that the decision came after Conservative Prime Minister Liz Truss objected to Charles attending the conference, known as COP27, when she met the king last month at Buckingham Palace.

But Cabinet member Truss said the government and the palace were in agreement on the decision.

“As far as I know, this decision was made amicably between the palace and the government,” Simon Clarke told Times Radio. “Suggestions this morning that he was told to stay away are simply not true.”

Clarke also rejected suggestions that Truss did not want Charles to attend the summit because she intended to water down Britain’s climate targets. He said the government remains committed to achieving its net-zero carbon goal by 2050.

According to the rules of the British constitutional monarchy, the king is prohibited from interfering in politics. Under the agreement, all official foreign visits by members of the royal family are carried out in accordance with government advice.

Before becoming king when Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, there was speculation that Charles would travel to the summit as the Prince of Wales.

Charles attended the previous climate summit,

COP26, last year in Glasgow, Scotland, but his participation in this year’s conference has not been confirmed. COP27 takes place on November 16-18 in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

When he was Prince of Wales, Charles was accused of meddling in government affairs, including improperly lobbying government ministers.

But Charles is now king, and he has admitted that he will have less freedom to speak out on public issues as a monarch than as heir to the throne. At the same time, his advisers will be looking for a suitable time and place for Charles’ first foreign trip as sovereign.

“My life will certainly change as I take on new responsibilities,” Charles said in a televised address following his mother’s death.

“I will no longer be able to devote so much time and energy to charities and issues that I care about so much. But I know that this important work will continue in the safe hands of others.”