Meta’s (formerly Facebook) flagship metaworld product has reportedly been plagued by several quality issues, and even those building the company’s virtual reality (VR) social network are barely using it. According to a report in The Verge, citing internal memos, Meta VR’s social network called “Horizon Worlds” doesn’t hold much promise in its current avatar.

Vishal Shah, Meta’s VP of Metaverse, apparently told employees that the metaverse team will remain in a “quality shutdown” until the end of the year to “make sure we address quality gaps and performance issues before we open Horizon to more users”. “Simply put, for an experience to be great and memorable, it must first be usable and well-crafted,” he wrote.

In August, Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was forced to post new screenshots on Facebook and Instagram showing a more authentic version of himself after he faced memes about his poorly designed avatar in the meta universe. That same month, Vivek Sharma, the Indian vice president of virtual reality (VR) social media platform Meta Horizon, left as Zuckerberg doubled down on his $10 billion metaverse dream.

Sharma’s team now reports to Shah. Shah wrote in an internal memo that “currently, the feedback from our creators, users, testers, and many of us on the team is that the combined amount of backlog, stability issues, and bugs are making it too difficult for our community to experience the magic. horizon”.

Horizon Worlds is a social VR experience where you can discover new locations with friends, create your own unique worlds, and form teams to compete in action-packed games. The Horizon Worlds social meta universe platform is currently only available on Quest VR headsets.

Share went on to write that “many of us don’t spend that much time in Horizon, and our test panels show that pretty clearly” “Why is that? Why do we dislike the product we created so much that we use it all the time? The simple truth is, if we don’t love it, how can we expect our users to love it?” he added.

Meta developed a plan to “hold managers accountable” for making sure their teams use Horizon at least once a week. “Everyone in this organization should make it their mission to fall in love with Horizon Worlds,” another note read. A Meta spokesperson said the company “believes that the meta universe is the future of computing and that it should be built around people.”

Zuckerberg recently said that major updates to Horizon and avatar graphics are coming soon.

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