Ohio, USA – Ohio Pint Daystatewide fundraiser for craft breweries, will be held on Tuesday.

Participating in Northwest Ohio are:

According to the OCBA, the full list of breweries on the webpage will be updated with “(sold out)” next to breweries selling out of pint glasses. OCBA said this may not be 100% accurate with the updated sales and urges patrons to check with local breweries to see if they still have pint glasses in stock.

According to the OCBA, Vergara said his inspiration for the 2022 Ohio Pint Day glass was solidarity.

“With every struggle the hospitality industry has experienced over the past couple of years, and as it continues to this day, we will never forget that by reaching out to all of us and sharing our misfortunes and successes, we can all survive and overcome,” he said. “This design should also inspire those who remain in this tough industry to remember why they are in it, to enjoy it because it is a craft like no other, to welcome and nurture customers, providing a great experience. In addition , for those who patronize our establishments to be polite, patient and enjoy themselves, but also to remember to stand in solidarity with your favorite local businesses because they are what make your communities unique and unique.