Oppo is the latest tech giant to show its interest in password-free logins, which will be favored by many brands in the coming years. Companies like Apple and Google have already started working on this project, and Oppo joining the FIDO alliance is the latest development in this arena.

“As a member of the Alliance, OPPO will support the development and implementation of the latest FIDO standards for passwordless login using basic public key cryptography and protocols defined by FIDO to provide users with a fast, convenient and secure sign-in experience across multiple services,” Oppo said in a statement. . The FIDO Alliance has been around since 2012, but the focus on passwordless login started just a few years ago.

Digital logins are an important part of our lives, but having passwords has become a difficult thing for people, especially with so many re-using them for multiple accounts. Companies are doing their best to stop this practice, but the wholesale need to change the system is also being carefully studied and tested.

Many believe that password managers are a strong alternative to such practices, but the new standards being discussed take the whole mechanism to another level, which companies believe will be more convenient and secure.


Apple, Google and Microsoft all claim to have worked on the feature, and Oppo is the latest to join the ranks. We expect more brands to look to a password-less future, and having multiple biometric features like a fingerprint sensor and Face ID will help with that.

As we explained earlier, FIDO login basically allows users to use their smartphone as a single sign-in medium for all their digital accounts. So, in the near future you will be able to sign in to your Gmail or Outlook account using a 4/6 digit phone password, finger ID or face.

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