4K resolution for a fee?

YouTube may limit 4K videos for YouTube Premium subscribers soon.

Some users are now required to subscribe to YouTube Premium to access 4K videos, possibly to increase revenue. Although Google hasn’t officially announced it, several Reddit threads claim that users were asked to subscribe to YouTube Premium to watch 4K content and that it was marked as “premium” in the app.
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A Reddit user under the Reddit username Ihatessmokealarms posted a screenshot of his device showing the text – “Premium – Click to upgrade”. Now, if this were to be implemented, what would it entail? Simply put, you won’t be able to access 4K video for free, and 1440P or 2K may be the highest resolution people can access for free. While this implementation may not affect the average consumer, people who often enjoy 4K YouTube content on a large TV screen may experience a loss in quality if they opt for 1440P.

YouTube Premium currently costs Rs 129 per month, Rs 399 for three months or Rs 1,290 for one year, and as a premium service you can enjoy ad-free videos, picture-in-picture playback and access to YouTube Premium Music. Users can also download videos offline to play later when they don’t have access to a data connection.

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According to several reports earlier in 2022, YouTube was also testing the implementation of 10 non-skippable ads before playing videos. The feature has reportedly been canceled and has not been published.

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