Mustard’s care team said he had a wonderful, funny and sharp personality and was known as a “foodie” in his group.

COLUMBUS, OH – Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on Tuesday announced the death of a 4-year-old Tasmanian devil named Mustard.

Mustard was euthanized on September 4 after his keepers learned he was severely anemic. The disease was discovered during an examination by zoo veterinarians after keepers noticed that Mustard was quieter than usual and unsteady on his feet.

According to the zootreating a cat or dog’s illness involves blood transfusions and treatment in the intensive care unit, which the zoo says is not a safe option for Mustard.

Mustard was born on 3 April 2018 at the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment in Hobart, Tasmania.

He arrived at the Columbus Zoo in May 2019 with two other Tasmanian devils, twins Sprout and Chabor, as part of the Save the Tasmanian Devil program.

The sprout died in Julyalso 4 years, due to an unrelated medical condition.

In a Facebook post, zoo officials said Mustard had a wonderful, funny and sharp personality. His animal care team knew him as the “foodie” of the group.

“Mustard was always the first to interact with the enrichment that was given for the day and wanted to make sure that if food was hidden inside the enrichment item, he would be the first to find it,” the post explained.

The zoo said Mustard liked to tear up cardboard boxes and other paper products and then put them in his nesting box. When the weather was hot outside, the zoo said he would lie in the pool like a pancake or lower his body into a bowl of water.

Mustard also liked to sleep next to thyme in their nest, the zoo said. After Mustard died, her care team told The Times that she was doing well and receiving “a lot of extra attention”.