Last update: October 4, 2022, 11:36 am IST

Twitter Blue subscribers in Canada, Australia and New Zealand get the ability to edit tweets.

Twitter Blue is billed monthly and is based on the current US price of $4.99.

After extensive testing, microblogging platform Twitter has confirmed that it’s rolling out the Edit Tweet feature for users in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with the US coming soon. The company said the feature is for Twitter Blue users. However, it does not mention the availability of the feature for the Indian audience.

“Testing went well, Edit Tweet is now rolling out to Twitter Blue members in Canada, Australia and New Zealand,” Twitter Blue tweeted. The microblogging platform noted that a version history will be available for each edited tweet so users know what has changed.

“Love your edits, we’re excited to continue expanding this test to new markets – can’t wait to hear what you think!” Twitter Blue is mentioned. Last month, Twitter demonstrated the feature on its own platform by changing one of its tweets to show “Last Edited” at the bottom of the post. Twitter has edited the tweet and after clicking on “Last Edit”, people can see the original tweet and previous edit history.

Twitter Blue subscription is billed monthly and is priced based on the current US price of $4.99 (approx. Rs. 400).

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