Construction on the new campground began in August and is expected to be completed between late 2023 and early 2024.

COLUMBUS, Ohio is a Muskingum County tourist destination, Wildis getting an extension to help improve tourism in the area.

With the financial assistance of Art Ohio Department of Natural Resources, a safari-like zoo located on International Road in Cumberland, has revealed plans to build a new 59-acre campground. The new site is expected to open to the public anytime between late 2023 and early 2024.

The new Wilds Campground will have 46 concrete sites for RVs and large trailers, 27 stone parking lots, 50 parking spaces and nearly two miles of public roads through the campground.

The $7.2 million campground is being built on land that was previously mined.

The $2.1 million in funding comes from ODNR’s Abandoned Mine Lands Economic Revitalization Program. The rest of the money comes from Muskingum County, the Office of Economic Development, an Ohio State Capital Budget Grant and The Wilds Foundation.

“We are very grateful for the partnership and support of these agencies. Together, we are expanding opportunities for adventure seekers to experience nature while supporting our local economy,” said Dr. Joe Smith, Vice President of The Wilds.

According to a press release from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, the campground is expected to increase the number of visitors to The Wilds to approximately 18,000 per year.

Currently, guests have the option of staying overnight in a lodge, cabins, or outpost. Construction on the abandoned site began in August.

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