Vertical videos have clearly captured people’s imagination and interest, so Twitter has solved it
it is going to focus on the same medium for video on its platform.

A new feature is coming to Twitter on iOS. “Twitter’s updated immersive media viewer expands videos to full screen with one click, making it easy to access the full immersive experience. To activate it, simply tap/tap the video in the Twitter app,” Twitter recently wrote on its blog.

Instagram and TikTok became popular with a vertical video format that allows users to scroll down
watch the following video in full screen. This trend is also called unlimited scrolling because the video
keep appearing as you scroll up the screen.

Twitter users can click the back button or swipe back to return to the main Twitter feed. Twitter is bringing the new video format to their Explore section and it will be part of the main tweet that they can like, retweet and reply too.

Twitter was primarily about tweets, but now we’re seeing the platform branch out into other features. Twitter also has a Blue subscription that gives users early access to the long-awaited tweet editing feature. Instagram is also moving away from photos to a 9:16 format for its interface, which was tested and returned after user protests.

Vertical video is a thing, so it’s no surprise that Twitter is jumping into the arena, and with the screen format changing from 16:9 to 9:16 these days, the Twitter feed will get more screen space to bring you videos, in style TikTok and Reels. While iOS users are getting it now, we still don’t know when Twitter will bring this new video feature to Android users.

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