A group of women strapped on their tool belts Saturday to help build a home for Lisa Wittenberg’s mother and grandmother.

TOLEDO, Ohio — A mother and grandmother who survived domestic violence are getting a new home with the help of a new group of friends.

On Saturday morning, Habitat for Humanity, with the help of a group of women from WTOL11 and other volunteers, raised the frame of Lisa Wittenberg’s new home as part of Women build the event.

Wittenberg has survived a violent past and now takes care of her 16-year-old daughter and two grandchildren. In August 2018, Wittenberg was stabbed more than 12 times, causing two lungs to collapse.

With the help of more than 100 volunteers and Wittenberg herself, the house, when completed, will cost about $200,000.

One of the Habitat for Humanity volunteers who was on the scene said that the house would cost a lot more for this family.

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Home ownership courses were also held in Wittenberg Habitat for Humanity. The organization says this is another form of generational wealth they hope to provide.

“Having the opportunity to participate in a program where you’ll earn a zero percent loan through Habitat and spend many hours working on your own equity will teach you how to fix these things in your own home,” said Cassie Easterwood, Habitat for Humanity Core volunteer. “The home ownership classes you take as part of the program will also teach you how to be a home owner and how to be successful at it.”

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Volunteers will continue to work on the house until it is complete.

Habitat for Humanity says it usually takes 9 months to build a house.

Women’s Construction Week recognized across the country as a time for women to learn construction skills and help a family create their new home.