Following Wednesday’s meeting, members of UFCW Local 1059 were sent details regarding Kroger’s amended contract, which will be voted on in the coming days.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A new tentative agreement has been presented to Kroger’s labor union after negotiators met last week to discuss changes to the company’s three-year contract.

Negotiators from both Kroger and UFCW Local 1059The Columbus branch of the United Food and Commercial Workers union returned to the bargaining table Wednesday — two weeks after the union rejected the company’s “last, best and final offer.”

Following Wednesday’s meeting, union members were sent details regarding the amended contract. In the coming days, members will vote on whether to ratify the new deal.

Among the main areas of discussion is an increase in wages for employees.

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In a press release, Kroger said the modified contract includes “the largest wage investment in history” provided to Columbus employees.

Below are the changes made to the three-year contract:

  • Increase to $2.65/hour for Grocery, Food, Deli/Bakery and Customer Service Coordinators
  • Up to $2.50 an hour wage increase for meat cutters
  • $2.15 hourly wage increase for dairy, frozen and seafood supervisors
  • $2.15 per hour on a 3-year contract for all Assistant Managers, Hosts, Meat Cutters and Draftsmen
  • $2.15/hour wage increase for GM Department Manager, GM Department Manager, House Managers and Assistant House Managers
  • Former department heads and service directors (clothing manager, service director – hired before March 16, 1982, and service director – hired from March 16, 1982 to November 20, 2005) will receive a $2.15 salary increase per hour according to the agreement.
  • Top-rated full-time chefs and service directors (hired on or after November 20, 2005, but promoted by November 18, 2018) will receive a $2.15 per hour wage increase an hour.
  • Increase to $3.05/hour for senior level pharmacy technicians
  • The starting rate for a pharmacy technician is increasing by $4, and the starting rate for certified pharmacy technicians is increasing by $4.50
  • The starting wage for clerks will be $14.25 an hour
  • Wage increase to $1.00/hour for courtesy clerks and baggers.

You can read the full Kroger pay scale with pre-negotiated changes here.

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The deal also includes several ratification bonuses for employees who worked for the company before 2006.

Kroger added that the contract changes ensure affordable health care and the company will continue to invest in its associates’ pensions while keeping products affordable for customers.

In September, the workers’ union voted to authorize a strike.