Portions of three roads in the Toledo area are scheduled to be closed for several days starting Monday.

TOLEDO, Ohio – The city of Toledo announced the partial closure of three roads in the area Thursday due to railroad crossing construction projects.

In combination with CSX designthe following road sections will be closed:

Matzinger Road between Stickney Avenue and Enterprise Boulevard

  • It starts on Monday, October 10 and will last for three days.
  • Detour via Stickney Avenue to Benore Road to Alexis Road to Benore Road (south of Alexis) to Matzinger Road in both directions.
  • Local traffic will be maintained.

Marine Road between Poplar Street and Reed Street

  • It starts on Monday, October 10, and is scheduled to last five days.
  • Detour via Dearborn Avenue to Starr Avenue to Wheeling Street in both directions.

Manhattan Boulevard between Wallace Boulevard and New York Avenue

  • It starts on Monday, October 10, and is scheduled to last five days.
  • Detour via New York Avenue to Summit Street to Manhattan Blvd.

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