COLUMBUS, Ohio – All five suspects are involved in a shooting in a South Linda gas station last month a paralyzed woman was arrested.

Columbus Police Department officers were called to the Sunoco gas station in the 1900 block of Cleveland Avenue in the early morning of Sept. 21 for a report of a shooting.

Police said the woman, 33-year-old Marissa Jones, stopped at a gas station and was surrounded by a group of three suspects. As she tried to close the passenger side door, police said one of the suspects got into the car and demanded her belongings. A shot rang out and Jones was wounded.

Police believed two other suspects were also involved in the robbery attempt.
Two days after the shooting, police said 20-year-old Javara Scott, the shooting suspect, had been arrested.

The remaining four suspects, aged between 15 and 17, were arrested.

The Jones family said the shooting has left them feeling lost paralyzed from the neck down.

“It was just terrifying to see how upbeat my daughter usually is on a regular basis,” said Yvonne, Jones’ mother. “They tell us that this life sentence for her is paralyzed from the neck down, so it was very, very bad.”

All suspects have been charged with aggravated assault, but a police detective said more charges are expected.

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