The world’s first 17-inch sliding display (Image: Intel)

Samsung decided to surprise everyone at Intel’s Innovation 2022 Keynote by introducing the world’s first “sliding” display. Here are all the details.

During the Intel Innovation Keynote 2022, in addition to the Intel Raptor Lake processors, Samsung showed off its “17-inch sliding display” for PCs. During the keynote speech, CEO of Samsung Display J. S. Choi took to the stage to reveal what Samsung claims is a 13-inch panel that expands horizontally, or possibly “slides,” into a 17-inch display.

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Choi said the sliding display technology is being developed for computers that offer a tablet-style design. While we can’t have a preconceived idea of ​​when we can expect this technology to become mainstream, one thing is certain: Samsung, along with partners like Intel, are going all in to develop alternative form factors for the computers we use.

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An on-stage demonstration by JS Choi did show a fully functional display, signaling that we may see it in the consumer realm soon. But what we do know is that it was an OLED display, and if the Samsung Fold line of smartphones is anything to go by, we can expect the sliding displays to offer good image quality right from the start. Moreover, being an Intel event, the brand showed off its new Unison software running on a demo device.

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