Apple is all set to join the festive spirit in India and is set to launch its own Diwali sale offering limited-time festive offers. The sale starts on Monday, September 26, and you can head over to Apple India Shop online to check out the latest deals and offers that Apple is offering consumers.

The company hasn’t disclosed the details of the sale and what deals people can get, but looking at previous years, Apple will likely have some attractive deals on iPhones that are selling like hotcakes for the company during this period. The new iPhone 14 series was released, which caused great interest among buyers in the country.

But even so, there are people who will gladly spend big money to buy older models of the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and even the iPhone 13. This sale helps Apple get rid of old inventory, which is made even more attractive by special gifts like free AirPods with an iPhone.

We’ve seen this before when the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and 13 Mini series hit our shores over the past few years. The lure of free AirPods bundled with the new iPhone was a hard-to-miss offer for buyers in India, and Apple may repeat the trick again with older iPhone models.

In addition to iPhones, you could expect Apple to offer discounts on MacBooks, iPads, and the Apple Watch. But iPhones are likely to get the lion’s share of attention from the company and buyers.

In partnership with banks, Apple could also have some discounted deals that give you special cashback and coupon discounts during this period for various online sales. It is unlikely that Apple will have big plans for its new iPhone 14 series, especially when it is already doing well in the market.

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