Google search is the Internet for most of you, and search is now evolving to provide you with more detailed information. Search is the latest product to focus on video, which has now become the primary medium for this generation.

The era of Tiktok and Reels has made it difficult for Google to ignore changing trends, and Search will now see their effect. Google Lens is already a big part of the search giant’s visual search ecosystem, and now it’s mixing things up to give you text and visual search with better results.

The new feature, called multisearch, lets users search “using images and text at the same time, similar to how you might point to something and ask a friend a question about it,” Google explained in a blog post. The feature has been in beta and is now expanding support to more than 70 languages ​​that will be available in the coming months. So the next time you find an item like a book or a plant and want to buy it at a nearby store, MultiSearch is here to help.

Translator is the next Google product to see the impact of visual search. “We can now blend the translated text with the background image thanks to a machine learning technology called Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). So if you point your camera at a magazine in another language, for example, you’ll see the translated text realistically superimposed on the images underneath,” the blog post added.

And finally, you have maps, the most important tool for finding these days. The immersive view appears in Google Maps, so users can get a better idea of ​​the location before they visit. “You can zoom in on the neighborhood and the restaurant to get a feel for what it might be like on the day and time you plan to meet, visualizing things like the weather and seeing how busy it might be,” the highlights explain.

Google says more changes and improvements will be coming to Search, and it’s clear the company is quite concerned about TikTok’s impact on its business, so introducing more visual elements could help it grow in the future.

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