LG Display has shown off some pretty amazing new technology that they hope will soon be adopted worldwide. They are demonstrating “Transparent OLED for Metro Trains” at InnoTrans 2022, the world’s largest transportation technology trade show. LG hopes the new OLED panel will replace traditional windows in trains and subways around the world.

Apparently, LG’s pilot program in two cities in China has already replaced windows on some subway lines.

Beijing (Line 6) and Shenzhen (Line 10) subway trains have been upgraded to replace some windows with 55-inch transparent OLED displays.

The technology uses special tempered glass that gives transparent OLED displays increased strength and durability to withstand vibration and high impact, according to to the LG display, which allows the replacement of standard train windows. The company offers several useful applications for this technique, such as displaying maps, news and weather forecasts on a transparent screen, thereby preserving its use as an actual window.

LG wants to replace the windows of subways and other subway trains with transparent OLED displays

However, the main attraction will be advertising, as the railway corporations will certainly try to recoup the cost of installing these panels, as well as make a good profit.

LG is using the train upgrade as a way to demonstrate how important the company thinks transparent displays will be. “The applications of transparent displays will become more diverse,” said Dr. Chan Ho Oh, senior vice president and head of LG Display’s TV business unit. “Display LG is committed to supplying products to a wide range of industries in line with its vision of being a leading provider of display solutions.”

The two lines in Beijing and Shenzhen are just the beginning, LG plans to expand the use of its transparent displays in more metros and will work closely with railway glass manufacturers to accelerate the rollout. LG also sees the future of this technology in self-driving cars, airplanes, and smart homes/buildings.