Last update: 27 Sep 2022, 18:20 IST

Google has a new Easter egg

Google is showing the spectacle as part of NASA’s mission, which saw the DART spacecraft crash into an asteroid this week.

Google is known for its partnerships with various organizations, and its collaboration with NASA has yielded some interesting nuggets. Once again, the search engine giant came up with an innovative approach that came in the form of an Easter egg for users.

An easter egg pops up in the form of a spaceship exploding in front of your screen. In the image below, you can see the spaceship moving across the page from left to right and crashing at the end, which also tilts the page.

NASA's Dart spacecraft

You should all be aware of NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirect Test, or DART, which basically involves a spacecraft colliding with an asteroid. A direct hit on a flying object is tested to test its defense mechanism against such planetary bodies as they come close to impacting the Earth.

The $344 million spacecraft was purposely broken up to see the effect of such actions. The asteroid, called Daymarpass, was hit by the Dart spacecraft at a speed of 24,000 km/h. The ideal effect of these accidents is to ensure that the asteroid moves enough to avoid direct contact with Earth.

This is not the first time that Google and NASA have given us something interesting to learn about. The search giant has once again teamed up with NASA to give you a 3D look at our solar system.

An interactive element has been added to Google Search, allowing anyone to get detailed information on the various planets in the Milky Way, as well as more information on the various NASA spacecraft over the years.

In addition to the planets, you can take a closer look at the James Webb Space Telescope to better understand the different parts of the telescope. You can also learn about how the International Space Station was designed and built.

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