In case of extreme weather conditions, it is very important to always be prepared. How powerful Hurricane Jan barrels toward Florida, people in the area are doing just that.

There’s a long list of Floridians and others in Ian’s path likely to celebrate, from boarding up windows to lining up sandbags to divert water away from their homes. But there’s always more you can do if you have the time (or the help you need).

Here’s an overview of some household tricks that can help you through severe weather.

Household hacks you need to know

A dog training facility in Florida has found a creative way to bring the outdoors into your home when you’re stuck inside during a storm.


If a storm is fast approaching, here are some other last-minute things you can do to prepare.

  • Fill the bathtub with water: It’s an old tip that many people follow: fill the bathtub with water in case of an emergency. That way, you’ll have extra water in case you need it to flush the toilet, clean the dishes, use it for washing, etc. The The National Weather Service adds that it can also be used as drinking water if you need it – just put a bag in the bath to keep your water fresh.
  • Fill the kiddie pool with sod for a makeshift pet potty: During high winds and heavy rain, you’ll want to keep your pets inside. To keep them warm and safe, try creating your own potty that will allow your dog to relieve itself. Every Dog Has His Day, Kennels in Orlando, Florida, previously offered put sod in the kiddie pool and store it in your garage (barring flooding) so you have a “safe place for your dogs to potty during storms.”
  • Make your own water bottle lantern and flashlight: If you run out of energy and need light, avoid using candles. Instead, use flashlights, phones, and other items. Some campers suggest creating your own lantern by gluing a lantern under a water bottle or pitcher to help illuminate the room.
  • Use aluminum pans or other utensils to prevent water from getting on the furniture: If you have a major flood, this trick won’t help, but it can be useful if several inches of water seep into your home. Place dishware or aluminum pans under furniture legs to prevent serious water damage.

How to prepare for a hurricane

Disaster Preparedness Materials.
Emergency preparedness supplies including flashlight, backpack, batteries, water bottles, first aid kit, flashlight, radio, can opener and mask.

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“You need to be prepared for things like food, water, batteries, medicine, fuel,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis advised at a Sunday news conference.

These are all necessary items to have on hand. In addition, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the following:

  • Make a plan: Write down emergency numbers, track down the nearest shelter, and make sure all family members are indoors and in close contact.
  • Get emergency supplies in one place: As DeSantis suggested, make sure you have all the items you need to survive the storm, from extra batteries to canned goods and more. A first aid kit should also be available in case of an emergency.
  • Prepare your family, pets and home: Make sure your house is protected (boarded up, sandbags in place, etc.) and you stay away from any glass or breaking objects.
  • Follow local guidelines: Sign up for local weather alerts and follow the advice of local officials.