Nothing has officially unveiled the first look at its upcoming Ear (Stick) TWS headphones at London Fashion Week. The successor of the buds Nothing Ear (1), Ear (Stick) already produces the desired sounds. Clearly, Nothing doesn’t know how to create hype around their products.

If nothing is running headphones Ear (1) TWS as their first product as a technology company, tech enthusiasts were seriously impressed with how well-designed the product was. People were particularly impressed by the aesthetics. So everything Nothing launched after that had to have a fancy and quirky design and be a huge success. I indeed, Nothing Phone (1) was all of these.

Right before the release of the first Nothing phone, a new TWS bud design appeared. However, these expected Ear (1) replacements did not launch with the phone. The company was waiting for the right moment to offer an official look at the new design, and it was London Fashion Week.

Nothing reveals their upcoming Ear (Stick) TWS buds at London Fashion Week

Nothing Ear (Stick) were featured during the Chet Lo show. The case has been completely redesigned and is now shaped like a lipstick and is meant to be more pocketable than the original slab design.

However, this was only a teaser. Nothing is keeping the exact details about the new TWS buds a secret. In fact, we only see the buds themselves through the transparent elements of their housing.

Unconfirmed leaks and rumors suggest that the earbuds will drop the rubber ear tip (1), making them look like a regular version of AirPods. Some find this design more comfortable to wear, but it makes it difficult to get a good seal. Take these rumors with a pinch of salt, because at the price point Nothing Ear (1) is selling for, ANC is an important feature, and it becomes extremely difficult to get effective ANC without the proper seal.

Nothing Ear (stick) will be released later this year, but the company declined to offer more details.

Nothing reveals their upcoming Ear (Stick) TWS buds at London Fashion Week

On the other hand, Nothing joined the fashion show with a limited edition bag made of transparent fabric, as transparency is at the heart of Nothing’s design philosophy, allowing phone glyph (1). the interface shines through. The bags will also be available early next year.