You’ve heard about the talent in Ohio State’s cornerback lineup, but don’t overlook their safety squad. While not as deep as their cornerback counterparts, this group is formidable and ready to make an impact.

Starting Free Safety [Adjuster] Caleb Downs

Caleb Downs (6-0, 205, So.) is a former 5-star recruit and was the top player in the transfer portal this offseason. His accolades from his time at Alabama speak volumes, and his presence promises immediate impact for the Buckeyes in 2024.

Starting Strong Safety [Bandit] Lathan Ransom

Lathan Ransom (6-1, 210, 5Sr.) chose to return for his fifth year despite NFL draft prospects. His leadership and skill set, evident before his injury last season, make him a vital component of the Buckeyes’ defense.

Top Backup Safety Malik Hartford

Malik Hartford (6-3, 194, So.) provides valuable depth as a second-year player. Despite a brief stint due to injury last year, he’s expected to step up if called upon, offering a strong support role behind Downs and Ransom.

Safety Jayden Bonsu Will Be on the 2-Deep

Jayden Bonsu (6-2, 207, RFr.) showcased his potential during spring practices, proving to be a reliable option for the Buckeyes’ secondary. His contributions will bolster the team’s depth this season.

True Freshman Jaylen McClain Impressed During Spring

Enrolled early, Jaylen McClain made waves during spring practices, catching the attention of Coach Ryan Day. His versatility and potential on special teams make him a valuable asset for the Buckeyes in 2024.

Transfer Keenan Nelson Jr.

Adding depth, Keenan Nelson Jr. (6-1, 195, 3So.) joins from South Carolina. Primarily focused on special teams, his experience and skill set provide insurance for the Buckeyes’ safety corps.

Safety Leroy Roker Will Enroll Soon

Incoming freshman Leroy Roker (6-1, 180) adds to the Buckeyes’ depth chart, though likely to undergo a redshirt year for development. His potential, however, is not to be underestimated.

Walk-Ons Inky Jones and Ryan Rudzinski

Inky Jones (6-2, 205, 3So.) stands out with his playmaking abilities, potentially earning a scholarship with his consistent performances. Ryan Rudzinski (6-4, 213, RFr.), despite being a walk-on, demonstrates promise and could contribute on special teams this season and beyond.