Sony today India has introduced INZONE, a new line of gaming accessories for players to increase their sensory perception and involvement in the game. The INZONE headset collection includes two new wireless models, including the INZONE H9 with 32 hours of battery life and the INZONE H7 with 40 hours of battery life, as well as a wired model, the INZONE H3.

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Sony 360 Spatial Sound technology, specifications and new features

Sony’s implementation essentially converts a 2.0-channel signal into 7.1-channel surround sound, as intended. It allows for a more immersive experience that allows players to be more competitive by offering clear steps and motion detection. Additionally, players can customize their spatial sound to match the shape of their ear with the “360 Spatial Sound Personaliser” smartphone app for personalized play.

Sony says the new INZONE H9 and H7 headsets feature a diaphragm that’s built in a way that allows the headphones to produce high-frequency sound as well as very low frequencies for enhanced immersion. In addition, all three headphones have in-body channels for deeper bass.

Of the three models, only the H9 model has noise-canceling and more expensive leather used in the construction, but all three models have a soft headband and cushioned ear cushions for comfortable long gaming sessions.

The INZONE H9 contains multiple noise-canceling microphones that block out any background noise. Sony used the same dual noise sensor Technologies found in the famous 1000X series headphones.


Using the INZONE H7 and H9, players can change the volume balance between in-game audio and voice chat directly from the headset, offering an on-screen indication. INZONE headphones also support 3D Tempest Audio technology for PlayStation 5. Sony has introduced INZONE Hub software for PC to allow players to fine-tune their gaming audio experience.

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Sony INZONE price and availability

The Sony INZONE H3 earphones are priced at Rs 6,990, the H7 earphones are priced at Rs 15,990 and the H9 earphones are logically more expensive at Rs 21,990 and are available on the ShopAtSc website and other e-commerce websites like Amazon.

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