Survivors Park honors breast cancer survivors and losses during Toledo’s Race for the Cure.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Generations of men and women were in downtown Toledo Saturday morning to join the fight against breast cancer. In this year’s Susan G. Komen The Race for the CureHanceville Park in Toledo was renamed “Survivor Park” and became the center of many Sunday events.

In honor of raising breast cancer awareness, survivors and supporters donned pink shirts and accessorized with bright hats, jewelry and more. The center discussed stories of survival and shared information about early detection signs and other resources.

Along with celebrating survival, the Susan G. Komen race was also a day to remember.

Runners, volunteers, friends and families reminisced about their journeys and those of their loved ones. They shared memories of those who survived, those who were still fighting, and those who passed away.

The racer, who was preparing for the race at Survivors Park, said her mother’s struggle influences her to fight in the race and never give up.

“It’s really emotional; it’s pretty overwhelming,” Sherry Gentry said. “Three years ago, my mom passed away from breast cancer, so every step of the way I think about her and I think… it’s a big fight.”

Gentry also looked to the future of breast cancer treatment and awareness.

“I’m so grateful for the research that got us this far and the treatment my mom needed — and I know there’s more to come,” Gentry continued. “So hopefully one day we won’t have to deal with this disease anymore.”

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This year’s Race for the Cure also offered new events for participants and supporters, such as a memorial booth. The stand was filled with photos and postcards of loved ones.

Alyssa Petrella is the executive director of Susan G. Komen of Central Ohio. She made a card dedicated to her grandmother Ganielle Patrelli.

“It means a lot to me,” Petrella said. “I lost my grandmother to breast cancer so it’s a special place to visit and write her name and remember her every year. And I’m glad that others are also getting this opportunity.”

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Thousands of families attended on Sunday, sharing their stories in the hope that spreading awareness can save lives. To learn more about breast cancer and resources related to breast cancer, you can visit Breast Cancer Foundation | Susan G. Komen® .

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